About KCR IT Solutions

A little something about KCR IT Solutions and David Ucyurek

KCR IT Solutions – Keeping Computers Running was conceived with the idea of being able to provide the residents of Kwinana with a computer repair service that is efficient, trustworthy and reliable.

Since 1997, I have been fortunate enough in being able to provide a computer repair service to hundreds of residents and businesses in and around Kwinana.  Over this time, KCR IT Solutions has developed a name for being a trustworthy and professional business which puts the needs of its customers first.

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David KCR IT Solutions helping a Customer

Personalised Service

Offering customers of KCR IT Solutions a personalised service is something I strive to achieve.  From the moment someone enquires about their computer, to the moment I begin repairing it and then finally handing it back to them, I will always be contactable. 

I like to give my customers peace of mind knowing that if they have any doubts or uncertainties with the processes I’m taking to fix their computer, that they’ll always have a level of service available. This extends further into my home pick-up/drop-off service I offer which gives customers the convenience of knowing that I’ll be able to pick their computer up, repair it and then drop it back off to their home when the problem has been rectified.

Live Locally?

If you live south of the river in the Perth area, David is happy to come to you and repair your computer without adding a call out fee. We offer pick up and drop off services for you.

My Guarantee

At KCR IT Solutions, I stand behind all the work I do.  For that very reason, I offer a 100% guarantee on all of my work.  This means that if you’re still experiencing the same problem with your computer, laptop, PC, etc., after I’ve repaired it, then I’ll happily return to fix it free of charge until the problem is resolved.

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About David

Hi there! I’m David, the founder of KCR IT Solutions.

Being around computers and repairing them has been a large passion of mine for almost my entire life. After receiving my first computer in 1983, I had become fascinated by their workings which ultimately lead me to this path of repairing them when something went wrong.  I started repairing computers in 1993, and since then I’ve had to adapt and grow with the everchanging technology that exists inside of them.

A large reason as to why I’m able to provide Kwinana with a computer repair service that is transparent and proficient is due to my passion for technology and the way it’s blossomed over the years.  I have always loved solving problems, and I treat computers the same way.  As you’ve probably noticed like most things, computers are continually growing and evolving.  To be able to keep up to date with this movement it’s imperative to immerse oneself in the scene completely.

I can attribute a lot of what I do to the love and support that I am constantly receiving from my wife, Susie.  She is always ensuring that I follow what I’m passionate about and my journey of fixing computers is one that she supports wholeheartedly.  Susie hasn’t been my only source of support though – I’m actually lucky enough to have my companion come along for the journey also. My Miniature Schnauzer, Reginald, who is forever making my day just that little bit more special.

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David KCR IT Solutions helping a Customer