My iMac won’t turn on.  My iMac is running slow. My iMac isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. Have you found yourself in any of the above situations?

Having an iMac is great (when they’re working), but once they stop doing what you need them to do it becomes a big problem.  One of the most common things we hear is when the little spinning colour wheel just keeps going, and going, and going … No matter how many times you go to turn the kettle on, or cook something in the kitchen to distract you; when you return to your computer, that frustrating little ball of colours will still be spinning.

Have you been told you have a vintage iMac?

A lot of the times our customers will be told that their Mac is vintage and so they can’t fix it. If you ever find yourself this position, don’t be in despair.  I'd love to take a look for you, I'll do everything I can do get it going for you again!

If you feel like you need some help with getting your iMac to do what it should be doing, feel free to give me a call on 0415599044.