Are you in the market for a new iMac computer but don’t know where to start?  Maybe you’ve got your eye set on one however the cost of it is a little more than you were hoping to pay?  Whichever problem you’re encountering I’m sure I can help!

iMac Services

At KCR IT Solutions, I love to make my customer’s job as easy as possible. All they’ve got to do is simply let me know what they wish for their computer to do; the end result essentially. Once I know this, I can start to work backwards until I find them the answer.

You see, when getting a refurbished iMac, I can customise it to practically whatever you want it to be without having the costs of a new one purchased in store.  I also offer a 3-month warranty which means that if encounter any problems that I’ll come out to repair it for you!

What if you want a new iMac?

If you just need help with finding the perfect iMac to suit your needs, then I can assist you with this also.  The process will still be the same – I’ll need to know what you plan to use the computer for and also what type of budget you had in mind.

I want you to make the right choice

At Kwinana Computer Repairs, I honestly want you to make the right choice with your future computer.  Whether it’s a brand new iMac or one that has been refurbished and customised to your needs, I’ll be able to guide you through every step.  Once you have your new iMac, I can also even help you to set it up.  I can organise all your programs, data and photos so that everything is how you want it to be when you finally receive your new computer.

For more information on purchasing either a new or refurbished iMac, please feel free to call me on 0415 599 044 or leave me an enquiry HERE.