Apple is famous for making some of the best computers we’ve seen today. Furthermore, they are probably as equally notorious for producing some of the most expensive computers we’ve seen today.

They do come at a price …

Investing in a new MacBook could be an undertaking that will set you back a lot of your hard-earnt money.  Sometimes it’s necessary though.  If you use a MacBook for work or school, then I’m sure that the price can be justified. Now then, wouldn’t it be nice if you could purchase a MacBook that performed just how a new one should perform, however, at a price which you wouldn’t expect a new one to cost?

…of course!

At KCR IT Solutions, I can provide you with a refurbished MacBook that has all the customisations and functionalities that you’re looking for. I know that it’s costly purchasing a new MacBook outright, which is why I’m making it my mission to help find the best solution for my customers.

Instead of using the newest and greatest release of MacBook, you could always try out a refurbished one.  You’d be surprised at how eerily similar the two are.   If you think that this might be a good option for you, it’ll be great to know that I also offer a 3-month warranty which will cover you for repairs or hardware problems.

For more information on purchasing either a new or refurbished MacBook, please feel free to call me on 0415 599 044 or leave me an enquiry HERE.