Nothing is more frustrating for business owners than a computer failure at a critical time, and let’s face it, there is no good time for any loss of the use of your vital computers.

But, there is a better way.

KCR IT Solutions offer complimentary consultations. We will take the time to discuss with you your computer issues and concerns, assess your needs, and create custom scheduled maintenance plans just right for your company and your current hardware. Our goal is to clean up existing problems and prevent future problems based on your company and budget.

Our pro-active approach includes:

  • Windows updates
  • Anti-virus checks and updates
  • Emptying temporary files
  • Review of log files
  • Review of Applications
  • Spyware/Malware
  • Extortionware
  • Back up checks and implementation
  • Prevent large scale problems and budget for upgrades as necessary

With KCR IT Solutions on your side large scale problems and downtime can be avoided and uptime and productivity will be maximized.

Call us today and never be dead in the water again, David 0415599044.