My screen isn't working, but it's not broken

Have you ever been told that your computer screen is broken, but then instantly thought, “Broken? How can it be, there’s not even a crack in it!”.

The truth is, unlike a mobile phone, a computer screen doesn’t need to have a crack in it to be considered broken.  There can be a myriad of problems wrong with your screen, however to the untrained eye they may seem like standard issues with the computer itself.

So now you might be asking yourself, “But what about those double images that appear?” or “Then what causes slow movements to happen on the screen?”. A lot of the time these could be caused by a damaged or faulty monitor/screen.

Signs of a defective screen:

  • Distorted images or discolouring
  • Pixelisation
  • Backlight issues
  • Black patches

How to test for a broken/faulty screen?

A popular way to see if it’s your screen or laptop playing up is to plug your laptop into another monitor via a VGA, HDMI or DVI cable.  If the problem isn’t being reproduced on the other monitor, then it’s safe to say that your screen may have some issues.

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