Has your desktop computer turned into a place of constant pop-ups and unwanted advertising?

When a desktop PC is infected by malware, a common sign is when you experience a more than normal influx in pop-ups telling you that you need to take required action.  Another issue could be that you’re receiving lots of error messages.  If this sounds like you then perhaps booking your computer in for one of our tune-ups could be the solution.

Many people will book their cars in for regular services and tune-ups, but not their computers.  The problem with this is that many problems can simply be avoided or fixed by booking your computer in for a routine service.

Has your computer got a hard drive problem?

Did you know that 75%-80% of desktop computers I see need their hard drives replaced? This is usually because they are showing signs of failure and data loss is very likely. I always recommend replacing the hard drive with a Solid State Drive when this is the case. This will definitely speed up your computer if it’s running slow.  Most people think their computer is going slow just because their hard drive is full which isn’t necessarily the case.

By speeding up your computer with a new solid state hard drive, you can bring back the joy of using your computer again.

For more information on Desktop PC repairs or problems, please give me a call on 0415 599 044 so we can further discuss your options.