Help, my laptop has stopped working.

I am all too familiar with the above cry for help.  The good news is though, even if you have an issue with your laptop, chances are it can be repaired.  Many people believe that if they’ve damaged the keyboard that it can’t be repaired. This isn’t necessarily true.  Did you know that even if the screen isn’t working I can either repair or replace it for you?  Same as the battery.  Regardless if the battery is located internally or externally, I’ll be able to repair or replace it.  This is actually quite common in laptops that lose their charge quickly or don’t even charge at all.

Have you dropped or damaged your laptop?

If so, feel free to make an appointment to bring your laptop in and I’ll see if I can repair or replace the damaged parts. For the majority of cases this will be a possibility. Just remember, before you guy and buy a new laptop, I'll be more than happy to have a look and see if it's worth fixing for you.

Is your laptop running slow?

If you’ve noticed that things are taking longer to load than normal, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your hard drive to a solid state.  This will dramatically help a slow performing laptop.

Let me know if you have any questions! Give me a call on 0415 599 044 or contact me HERE.