My computer isn't broken, but something isn't right...

Even with all the fantastic advancements with computers, they can still be challenging to understand. And it’s natural.  If you’re not familiar with what to look for, understanding a computer can be harder than understanding a foreign language.

A common problem is when they run slow.  Another is when your computer begins to crash when it never did previously. An even more annoying one is when you start to see strange pop-up windows appearing on your screen at unusual times.

Are you constantly being told that your drivers need updating?

When browsing the internet, sometimes you might see more advertising than you saw in the past. These might even seem like they are supposed to be like that.

All of these annoying little problems will continue to get worse, but you can make your computer faster, you can get rid of these pesky popups … you don't have to put up with it all.

I can help you resolve these problems yourself.

Would you like to try? Click here for instructions.

If you'd rather have me service your computer, you can either contact me on 0415 599 044 or you can book a time with me using the bookings page.

Live in Kwinana, Cockburn or Rockingham?

If you live locally in Kwinana, Cockburn or Rockingham, I can even drop by to fix your problem, no call out fee.